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LINE BRAWL At Madison Square Garden

The game between the Rangers and the Devils last night started with a faceoff line brawl - all 10 skaters fighting each other.

It was known there was going to be some fighting to start the game because of a hit laid by rookie Matt Rempe on Devils Jonas Siegenthaler last time they saw each other that was called as an elbow.

The refs decided that Rangers Vesey and Devils Lazar dropped their gloves first, and took the four other fights happening as "Second Altercation" misconducts.

So, two seconds into the game - 140 minutes in penalties.

Truck Eating Bridge Strikes Again


The truck-eating bridge struck early this morning - getting a truck that looked to have just left the dog food plant.

Megan Looks Like A Jawa

Hairball saw Megan come into the studio with our pizza this morning and knew what had to be done.

WTF Is Going On?

Michaels was looking down to his laptop and caught an HR Violation of some kind out of the corner of his eye, and he's going straight to the authorities.


Megan did too much dancing, tumbling and volleyball yesterday and is feeling it in her back today, so she needed Hairball to crack it for her.

Dive Bars In The Tourney

Two dive bars in our area are in the lead for the Dive Bar Road Trip Best Dive Bar contest.

Another round of voting starts today, with The Edge Eatery and Jim's Knoxville Tap taking the top two number of votes in the last round. The top 8 round is next, and if The Edge and Jim's win their respective matchups, then they'll face each other in the Final Four.

Vote by visiting Dive Bar and liking the image of your favorite bars, lets get a QC area bar on the #1 spot for a second year in a row!

We All Die Young, Who Is Steel Dragon?

The song We All Die Young featured in the movie Rock Star was pretty good, but the story behind the song is even better.

It's not sung by Mark Wahlberg, but actually sung by Miljenko Matijevic of Steelheart, who also wrote the song for the 1996 album Wait. On the recording for the movie, it features Matijevic for the vocals, Zakk Wylde on guitar, Jeff Pilson on bass, and Jason Bonham on drums.

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