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An Awkward Draft Intro

Eminem joined Roger Goodell to intro the NFL Draft, but it was awkward when they brought the Detroit Lions - who have won nothing - out on the stage.

Dwyer Is Confident In His Super Bowl Bet Now

Dwyer was in Vegas in February and put $100 on the Bears to win this upcoming season's Super Bowl. The bookie responded with "Are you sure?" which is bookie for "Don't do this, dumbass." But now, after two first-round drafts, it looks like there's a new Super Bowl dynasty duo coming to Chicago.

Richter Of The Richter Scale Was A Naturist

The guy who invented the scale that measures the strength of earthquakes not only had a partner who got 0 credit for the scale, but he Charles Richter was also a naturist - aka he liked to walk around and go hiking completely nude.

I couldn't find a video on that, so enjoy this kid's show explanation of how the Richter Scale was invented.

Disney Banned Crocs

Disney issued a ban on those wearing Crocs from using escalators in the parks after a multitude of issues with kids shoes getting sucked into escalators.

However, it's not just Crocs that get stuck in escalators. Tennis shoes to boots to heels have all been caught over the years. Really, you should just pay attention when you're on an escalator.

Robert Durst Documentary

A new season of the Robert Durst docu-series has just started, called The Jinx. Durst rose to the public eye a few years about 40 years ago.

From Wikipedia, "The eldest son of New York City real estate magnate Seymour Durst, he garnered attention as a suspect in the unsolved 1982 disappearance of his first wife, Kathleen McCormack; the 2000 murder of his longtime friend, Susan Berman; and the 2001 killing of his neighbor, Morris Black."

Hells Angel Docuseries

There's a new series about the Hells Angels and some of their stories - called Secrets Of The Hells Angels, featuring interviews with investigators in the group and former members.

Tom Brady Half Assed A Signing Event

A collector from Massachusettes who paid $18,000 to travel for a special autograph session with Tom Brady says he and both collectors had to wait while Brady and his reps went into a separate room to sign the memorabilia they all brought.

When they brought the signed stuff back out, all of the stuff appeared to be either half-assed or not signed by Brady.

Thief Steals Car With Driver's Mom's Ashes

A thief in Florida stole a custom car that had the driver's mom's ashes inside, and once word got out, he returned the ashes. However, he kept the car.

The owner said "He's got a good heart, but their mind's messed up."

Couple Reunited With Their Cat They Accidentally Mailed In Amazon Return

We all know how cats LOVE boxes. One couple couldn't find their cat, and even went out and put up fliers around the neighborhood assuming that it had gotten out and was bumming it around town.

It turned out that the cat had traveled from Utah where they live all the way to California. They had tried a "try before you buy" boot program and had five pairs to mail back to the facility - only they didn't realize at some point the cat had slipped inside one of the shoeboxes. They drove out to California to pick up the cat.

Richie Sambora Is Mad About New Bon Jovi Doc

Richie Sambora went to Jon Bon Jovi's house to watch the new docuseries Thank You, Goodnight, about the band's story. It was released today on Hulu.

Richie stayed for 3 episodes before leaving because he couldn't take how he was portrayed anymore.


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