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The Bears Unveil New Plans For New Stadium

The Bears have unveiled their plan for a new $5 BILLION domed stadium on the lakefront right next to where Soldier Field is. The stadium itself is $3.2B, and the complex around it is $1.5B.

The proposal calls for $2.025 billion from the Bears, $300 million from an NFL loan and $900 million in bonds from the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority. The funding from the ISFA would involve extending bonds of the existing 2% hotel tax.

Airlines Now Required To Give Refunds In Some Cases

Some new DOT rules lay out that passengers will be "entitled to a refund if their flight is canceled or significantly changed, and they do not accept alternative transportation or travel credits offered."

Cicadas Are Too Loud, People Are Calling The Cops

The two broods of cicadas popping out are so loud where they're emerging, people are calling the cops because they don't know what the hell the noise is.

Dogs love to eat these thing, and some even like to hold them in their mouth while they buzz.

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