QC Band Gets Shout Out From Megadeth
QC Rock Academy band, Been There Done That have been busy preparing for the Battle of the Bands happening on Saturday.
Then a video message from David Ellefson from Megadeth comes in!
Does this jazz you up for the show even more or make you nervous...
House of Hair News Roundup ~ Vol. 13, Issue 49
Every Saturday Night from 9-Midnight...Dee Snider, from Twisted Sister, leads the charge and waves the spandex flag of freedom with The House of Hair!
3 Hours of killer guitar licks and rockin' tunes from your favorite 80's headbangers...
Aerosmith ‘Rocks’…RockClub: a book club for albums
It’s time for RockClub…a book club, but for albums! Where we give you some assigned listening and you, in turn, have an excuse to carve out some time to be intentional about listening to music.
This weeks RockClub featured album was the 4th studio album from the bad boys f…

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