House of Hair Heavy Metal News ~ Vol. 15, Issue 8
As we inch closer and closer to "normalcy"...the rock world hints at new dates and tours.  Aerosmith postpone this years tour...but confirm a show for next year.  Geoff Tate talks about touring later this year and more and more festivals are pushing everything to have a s…
Accidentally Fashionable-Cargo Pants are Cool Again
They say "fashion is cyclical".
I remember in junior high school that bell bottoms became popular with kids my age.  I personally didn't jump on the band wagon, however.  I had my own thing going on in middle school.  Something of a preppy-pompadour/perm situatio…
3 Years Hollow Release “Among the Waves”
The Quad Cities own 3 Years Hollow called "Among the Waves".  You of course remember these fellas from "Chemical Ride" that gets spins on the radio around the nation.
When I saw they released a new song, I clicked immediately to see what these guys have been u…

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