Guy Learns To Talk Backwards To Make His Video Seem Moving Forward
Quarantine has caused us to have a lot of time on our hands.
This guy, YouTuber "Zuquap", learned how to talk backwards so that when he plays his video backwards, it sounds like he's talking.
It's a little bit broken, and almost sounds like a Scottish accent, but it's still pretty awesome
It …
What’s Tappening: New Brewery, Stompbox, is Open Now
New Brewery in Downtown Davenport is NOW OPEN
Stompbox Brewing located at 210 East River Drive is now serving up some of their house brews from their new renovated space. Check out their cozy interior or they have a sweet patio area if you want to social distance a little bit more...
Vote: 2021 Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar
It's July 1st, so it's time to vote for your 12 favorite cars to be featured in the 2021 Edition of the Dwyer & Michaels Classic Car Calendar!
Be sure to vote for Twelve cars to ensure we have a car for every month of the year. It's as simple as hitting the vote …

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