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Steamwheelers Win

The Steamwheelers won against the undefeated Massachusetts Pirates 54-43, and a win means Joe Krull is going to Stone Cold some beers.

Man Set Himself On Fire Outside The Trump Trial

A guy set himself on fire and our attention is more on the CNN reporter who talked for like 2 minutes straight without taking a breath.

Peter Frampton Turns 74 Today

Peter Frampton Explains The Talkbox

The Talkbox

The invention of the Talkbox is credited to Alvino Rey, a jazz musician who started using the concept in 1939. Here he is in 1944 using it on stage.

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

The class of 2024 has been announced for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Megan Says You HAVE To Watch This Movie

Megan watched a movie over the weekend that came out in 2016 that just got added to Netflix, and she's losing her mind over it.

It's an M. Night Shyamalan film called Split. 

Dwyer's All Mad About A Netflix Doc

Dwyer watched a true crime documentary called What Jennifer Did, and felt like he had completely wasted time.

Hairball Joined A New Facebook Group

Hairball joined a new Facebook group and no, it's not a "Meet QC Singles" group.

He inherited a painting from his grandpa and wanted to know more about it, so he found a Facebook group dedicated to identifying the roots of artwork.


The most telling part of this painting is probably the eyeball placement on the duck.


The "experts" haven't weighed in yet, but the other groupies think it's a factory made painting in China.

Michael Jordan's Race Team Won Talladega

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