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Face Tattooed Bike Riding Drug Dealer

Vanderburgh County Jail
Vanderburgh County Jail

A guy who was riding his bike and failed to stop at a stop sign in the middle of the night, and a cop pulled him over. He consented to a search, but told the cop he had slices of peppers and some oregano in his pocket.

They tested the substance, and sure enough, it was 67 grams of synthetic cannabinoids. He changed his story and told the cops it was catnip. He's been charged with Dealing a Schedule I Controlled Substance.

Any Team Dwyer Supports Loses


Dwyer's a fan of sports, but either has a curse on him that's affecting his teams, or he's bad at picking teams. Check out the current records of his favorites:

  • Chicago White Sox (3-20)
  • St. Louis Cardinals (10-14)
  • Chicago Blackhawks (23-53-6)
  • Hairball's DekHockey Team (0-4)

74-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Robbery

A 74-year-old woman named Ann Mayers robbed a bank in Fairfield Township, Ohio and her family says she was the victim of a scam. She got away from the bank with $500 after robbing the bank with a gun.

Watch the news story below to see bodycam footage of her arrest.

If found guilty of the crime, she'll be facing 10-15 years in jail.

Megan Says To Watch Split

Michaels is following Megan that you need to watch a film recently added onto Netflix, called Split.

Tarantino's Top 20 Movies Since 1992

The first movie in the series Split is a part of, Unbreakable, is on Quentin Tarantino's list of favorite movies that have come out since he started making movies since 1992.

Banding For Benefits VFW Poker Run

The second annual Banding For Benefits is happening, where riders stop at QCA VFWs to support them, and leave some drink chips for vets at each of the locations.

MMA Fighter Takes Down Gator Barehanded

A shoeless MMA fighter wrestled an alligator in traffic on a busy road in Florida. Mike Dragich, who is a licensed trapper, was at a Jacksonville Icemen hockey game when he got the call about the gator, and came over without any equipment to grab the gator 8-foot gator.

“It was only five minutes from the game, so I literally left the game, caught the alligator, and then went back to the game!” he told the station.

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