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Tomorrow Is Star Wars Day

Because of the whole "May The Fourth Be With You" joke everyone makes.

In honor, we're sharing the news again of the time Star Wars made it down to Chile for the first time, and they got the "commercial-free" showings to be sponsored by a beer called "Cervesa Cristal."

This just meant they snuck all the ads into the movie itself by adding quick little scenes into the film.

Bird Feeders

Hairball accidentally bailed on Dwyer to hang out at a cigar lounge the other night. He fell asleep in his easy chair after refilling the bird feeders while watching Quad Cities Live - pretty old man sounding.

Then, it turned out Michaels just got one of those bird feeders that tells you what kind of bird you're looking at and records photos and video of them landing and eating on the feeder.

The History of Dollywood

Monster Jam

Today, Matt Cody, who drives Grave Digger, is stopping by ahead of the Monster Jam show at the Vibrant Arena on Saturday. There are two shows at the arena, one at 1pm and one at 7pm.

Monster Jam
Monster Jam

Check out a video of him winning along the tour just earlier this week.

Zoom Was Originally A Different Name

Before the explosion of Zoom during COVID, the company was once known as Saasbee - a combination of the founder's names.

They found new uses for the software pre-COVID, and the explosion of the business during COVID has turned fortuitous for the company, even making "Zoom" a verb for a group video call regardless of what software is used.

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