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No MLB Update, But An MLS Update

There will be no MLB update this morning as the constant cloud cover yesterday interfered with the wire services that bring the information about the game through... but we do have an MLS update.

A fan of the Tigres (the team at the University of the state of Nuevo Leon) was caught on video peeing into his beer cup, and throwing it out onto a section of Monterrey supporters below him that his section had been feuding with.

Fans on both sides have condemned the (almost surely) drunken fan's actions, and police have launched a full investigation into finding out who the perp is.

Dickey Betts Passed Away

Dickey Betts, the renowned guitarist who toured the world with the Allman Brothers Band, passed away yesterday at the age of 80.

His first band he had, The Jokers, was mentioned in Rick Derringer's Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo.

I stumbled across this masterpiece of Gregg Allman and Dickey in better times. This looks to be after the reunion in the 90's. What Dickey Betts is doing on guitar is a miracle. And maybe the bigger miracle is the handshake they share at the end...damn.

Greg Dwyer and Gregg Allman

Years ago, Dwyer discovered the news that Gregg Allman was in hospice and wouldn't have much time left on a forum, with a message from someone close to Gregg Allman trying to reach out to his son, to tell him to make amends with him. The story went viral, with major publications citing the article on our website.

Then, in a Facebook post from Allman, he denied the rumor, which brought Dwyer hate mail from all over the world.

QC Thunder Ref Makes NBA Documentary

Not for good stuff.

Former CBA ref turned NBA ref is featured in a documentary about refs fixing games in the NBA to appease the mob betters.

Hot Doc Talks Toothbrush Care

A new toothbrush care tip is going around after a doctor shared that you should be washing your toothbrush with soap, but all the comments aren't about his advice, but how he looks better than most doctors out there.

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