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Cat That Apparently Can Fly Racks Up Millions Of Views

A video of a cat running from a falling coat has gone viral after it had two touches of surfaces to clear about 15' across the room has brought in about 60 million views since it was posted on Monday.

Tour Boat Captain Was Drunk And Fell Off Boat

A tour boat captain in Florida has been arrested after falling off of the tour boat he was in charge of while it had 30 customers on board.

Woman Rolled Her Dead Uncle Into Bank To Co-Sign A Loan

A woman in Brazil has been caught on video after rolling her dead uncle's corpse into a bank to have him co-sign a loan for her. The workers were onto it immediately, knowing something was not quite right.

The guy's head is falling all over the place and his skin is mottled in a way that is pretty obvious he's already gone.


Mount Ruang Erupts For The Fifth Time In A Couple Days

Due to a 2,400ft volcano has erupted five times since Tuesday night, throwing lava and ash 70,000 feet into the air.

The volcano alert is at its highest level, with the government warning people not to go within 3.7 miles, worried that the mountain could collapse into the ocean and cause a tsunami like it did back in 1871.

SnackKing and MegaMunch

Yesterday, Hairball made the claim he can tell between real and generic products of food just by looking at them - like Rice Krispie Treats vs. Krispy Rice Treats or Cheetos vs. Cheezy Crunch. It's his super power of his alter ego Snack King.

attachment-Untitled design (95)

So, we made him put his money where his mouth is, and had his partner, MegaMunch do a lineup of real brands vs generic... and he got 7 out of 8 of them correct.

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