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Bacon Ice Cream

Dwyer had the mindblowing treat of bacon ice cream while out to dinner at Crane and Pelican in LeClaire.

Burger King had a sundae a few years back, but he was too afraid to try it.


The Longest Touring Streaks

We went through a list of the bands with the longest touring streaks.

#1 was the Beach Boys, playing at least one show a year for 63 years straight (1961-2024).

Hulton Archive, Getty Images
Hulton Archive, Getty Images

The Most Performed AC/DC Song

According to Setlist, the most performed AC/DC song in their years of touring is The Jack, released in 1975.

T-Pain's War Pigs Cover

We were talking about the Mississippi Valley Fair lineup, and Hairball brought up T-Pain's cover of War Pigs, which Ozzy tweeted about when it came out, saying "This is the best cover of “War Pigs” ever. Why didn’t you guys call me?"

Paramotor YouTuber Crashed BAD

Anthony Vella, a YouTuber who posts videos of Paramotoring, nearly lost his life after crashing - and he caught the whole thing on video.

It's age-restricted, so you'll have to pop over to YouTube by following the link below to watch the whole thing.

Floridians Are Mad At Spring Breakers Again

A new video is going around of some spring breakers throwing their garbage over the side of their boat in the rocky waters of the ocean, and they were excited about it.

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