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This Gate Employee's Fall Looks Like A Three Stooges Skit

There's a video going around of a gate employee at an airport going to leave the plane, but when he steps out backward onto where he thinks the stairs are, they've been moved a second earlier by two other employees. He falls about 15 feet and lands on the pavement.

According to the video, he has no serious injuries, but he's going to need some ibuprofen tomorrow.

Goose's Obsession With Ball Bearings Melting Through Random Stuff

Goose has been going down the rabbit hole of people heating up ball bearings and dropping them into random crap and watching it melt through.

Dwyer Watched A Movie About The Von Erichs

Zac Efron, that cook guy from The Bear (I think his name is John Bear or something), and a few other recognizable faces take on some recognizable names take on some recognizable roles to show the backstory of the most recognizable family in wrestling.

I'll Give You 100 Guesses At What Happens, You'll Be Wrong 100 Times

This video from overseas is starting to go viral, and if we gave you 100 guesses at what happens in this video, you'd never get it. Actually, I'd up this to about 1,000,000 guesses and put all my savings on you not knowing.


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Steamwheelers Made It On SportsCenter

A play by the Steamwheelers made it as #1 on SportsCenter the other night after a long bomb pass was caught by Jordan Vesey over the wall.

Catch the Steamwheelers in action tonight as they take on the Iowa Barnstormers.


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