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A brand new car wash is opening in the Quad Cities, and Hairball will be broadcasting live on location. Free lunch, free car wash, and the best tunes you'll find around. More details on the button below.

Sinkhole in Illinois

Did you see the sinkhole that opened up on an Illinois soccer field? They say it's 100 feet wide. The video of it opening is alarming, but luckily no kids were on the field at the time.

The Daily News

The Accuweather Bean Plate

We've been measuring the rainfall this morning with what looks to be a plate of beans that was left behind on the street by one of our neighborhood people.


Manure Truck Crashes

The turd wagon flipped over in a neighborhood, and the woman described the mess coming from the truck as a "Waterfall of brown."

Caitlin Clark Made Another Crazy Logo 3 Last Night

Hairball's Battle of The Bands

Hairball's band played Kryptonite in 2011 at the Geneseo Battle of The Bands... they were in 7th grade.

Hairball's the one jumping around like a fool at the 3:30 mark. Now he's in a different zip code than the rest of the band when he plays.

They opened the show with Born To Be Wild.

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