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Wild Weather Headed Our Way

We've got some crazy ass weather headed our way, and it's got all the big weather people's ears perked up.

The most concerning, of course, is that Frankie MacDonald has taken notice. He's never had a wrong prediction when it comes to weather - even predicting an earthquake on the other side of the globe days in advance.

Also concerning, Reed Timmer - the closest thing we have to a real life version of Bill Paxton's character in Twister is rolling this way with his crazy armored tornado truck.

The Hail So Far

There's been some crazy hail in the storm system headed our way so far, first striking in Yuma, Colorado, last night, where it was about calf deep once piled up - and stripped the siding off of homes.

Listener Kristen sent us a video from her home near Omaha, Nebraska this morning at about 5am to show the hail storm as it was happening.

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Better move the bikes to the back of the garage - unless you're needing a new car!

A People Problem On A Plane

A flight flying out of North Carolina had to have someone removed from the plane before they took off because of a woman unable to follow directions.

According to the NY Post, the woman was unable to give the "Yes or No" answer they have to have when it comes to the question of if they're willing to open the exit row door and help others off.

The requirement for the attendant is to get a "Yes or No" and nothing else. They cannot have a drawn-out answer - they need a yes or no. "Just say yes or no" is what the flight attendant and everyone around were telling the woman.

This woman - who was removed from the plane - just kept saying she needed to pick up her grandson at 4 o'clock. She said she understood but did not give a yes or a no to the attendant as was required.

She then became irate and had to be removed... all because she couldn't say yes or no.

Reckless Ben Walks A Tightrope Between Towers

The famed Grafitti Towers in Los Angeles had a tightrope walker as YouTuber Reckless Ben strung a cable between the buildings to walk between them.

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No charges have been pressed yet, but he told a local news station he has an open investigation into him.

Michaels Is Waterskiing This Weekend

And Hairball (only one time) and Megan are MCing the Backwater Gamblers Water Ski show this weekend while Michaels skis in it. Here's a sneak peak of what you'll be seeing.

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