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Strong Storms Roll Through Iowa

As a "PDS Tornado Watch" was issued for most of the state of Iowa, many towns were affected. Here are some highlights.

Greenfield Took A Direct Hit

Greenfield, Iowa, took a direct hit by a tornado, destroying homes, and leaving multiple fatalities and a dozen or more injuries.

Here's some crazy drone footage after Reed Timmer sent it straight into the tornado.

He also got footage of the same twister taking out some wind turbines.

Reed Timmer's Dominator 3

Reed Timmer is the one who got the footage you saw above, he's an "Extreme Meteorologist" and storm chaser who is the best of the best out there. Check out the vehicle he uses to intercept these tornados, called Dominator 3.

Guy Ordered A Cheeseburger, Hold Everything

A guy did an experiment to see what would happen if he ordered a Triple Cheeseburger, hold the condiments, hold the cheese, hold the meat, hold the bun, and they still got it wrong.

When the food came, his order was in fact, an empty box, just like he was hoping for - but the box was wrong.

Also In McDonald's News

A whole store in Australia has to be retrained after a McDonald's employee was spotted during busy hours drying a mop under a fry heat lamp.

Drying the head of a mop under the Fries warmer byu/Justin_Godfrey inpics

Kid Got a Pizza For Calling 911 5 Times

What the heck are we doing anymore?? A kid in Nassau County, Florida, called 911 5 times saying he needed a pizza because he was hungry. So, six officers showed up and gave him some Dominos, and taught him about the right and wrong times to call 911.

Nassau County Sheriff's Office
Nassau County Sheriff's Office

Chimp Threw Back A Lost Sandal

A chimp in a zoo helped out a visitor who lost his sandal into the enclosure by throwing it back out.

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