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Dwyer Had Walking Tacos For The First Time

This weekend at a graduation party, Dwyer had a walking taco for the first time, and was mindblown. Hairball was at the Nashville Predators game earlier this year and tried their specialty walking tacos, which had a special giant bag that had a bottom, like a purse.

Frito Lay
Frito Lay

Police Pickup Trucks

You've probably noticed a lot more police pickups on the road - and this sheriff from Mobile explains why.

Iowa's Best Firework Show??

We learned about a special firework show that often flies under the radar, where hobbyists and licensed creators get together and put on a show with up to 16" shells.

Don McLean's American Pie Lyrics Are Up For Auction

The handwritten lyrics to American Pie signed by Don McLean are up for auction, expected to start at $154,000.

If that seems low to you, it's because it's what's known as a "Fair copy" meaning it's handwritten lyrics penned by the artist after the original lyric sheet is completed.

Bar With All Sorts of Taxidermy

The Moccasin Bar in Hayward, Wisconsin has walls made of taxidermied animals in different positions - like some bears playing poker with a badger.

Remember The Day You Got Your Driver's License?

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