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The Battle Continues

In the quest for a first victory, Hairball and Caitlin Clark are still neck and neck. Caitlin's next opportunity is tonight, tomorrow, and Tuesday. Hairball's next chance is Wednesday.

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A New Best Ever Wheel of Fortune Moment?

A guy named Tavaris pinned his spot in the Wheel of Fortune Hall of Shame last night after a hilarious first guess on a Toss Up. With "_ _ _ _    I _   T _ E   B_ _ T!" on the board, Tavaris guessed... you got it... "Right in the butt!"

Woman Hit In The Face By Foul Ball

Liz McGuire has been a Toronto Blue Jays fan for years upon years, and at a game this week she took a foul ball to the face - which came at her at 110mph off of Bo Bichette's bat.

Scottie Scheffler Video Released

A new video has been released of the Scottie Scheffler arrest, and it would appear that the story we were told the first time by the Louisville PD is not quite the same as what the video shows.

If you recall, in the original story, Scottie allegedly dragged one of the officers to the ground by gassing it to try and get around the police roadblock. The officer had to go to the hospital for treatment because of the pain, swelling, and abrasions to his left wrist and knee, and he had an $80 pair of pants "Damaged beyond repair."

There's no bodycam of the incident - even though it's a Louisville Police Department requirement that all officers wear and record with a bodycam.

Scheffler was booked on four charges, including second-degree assault of a police officer after his vehicle "dragged an officer to the ground." Check out the footage and see.

Matt Stutzman Is Going Back To The Paralympics

Matt Stutzman is headed back to the Paralympics. The Paris Paralympics will be his fourth appearance, and what he's calling his final.

Matt was born without arms, and fires his bow with his feet.

He also, in the offseasons, races.

If you're wondering how he drives, he just did this video for the Paralympics.

The Armless Robber

While we were talking with Matt, he brought up a viral video of a guy robbing a jewelry store in his wheelchair, but he also didn't have arms. So, the guy is holding a gun with one hand while spinning the wheelchair to keep aim on the driver.


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