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Good Samaritans Save Driver In Engulfed Car

A 71-year-old crashed his car on I-94 in Minnesota last Thursday. His door was pinned shut by the guardrail, and his car caught fire. Motorists stopped and banded together to pull him from the car before it was too late.

Watch the rescue caught on the dashcam below, and keep an eye out for how dangerous this was when the tires start blowing and the fire would flare up.

19 Years Ago Today

In 2005, the first video was uploaded to YouTube. It's a 19-second long video of a guy at the zoo titled "Me at the zoo".

It has just over 317 MILLION views, and will probably see that number increase for its anniversary.

Drive Thru Greetings

We were talking about the greetings drive thru's give you when you pull up - and McDonald's is the worst with the pre-recorded auto answer system that asks you if you're using rewards.

Raising Cane's is the most entertaining. It's different every time and it's some kind of a rhyme.

This guy responded with his own rhyme.

Used To Be A Pizza Hut

Those classic Pizza Huts with recognizable roofs have mostly closed, though there are still some left, but they've moved to storefronts to save money.

There's a Facebook page dedicated to stuff that isn't a Pizza Hut inside of a barely remodeled Pizza Hut building - it's called "Used To Be A Pizza Hut."

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