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Hot Dog Guy At The Mets Game

At the Mets $1 Hot Dog Night, a guy wearing a shirt keeping track of how many dogs he at during the game, as well as how many beers he had. Security kicked him out because he was "Inciting fans" who were just excited to help the guy out and kept throwing him hot dogs.

A photo of him on the subway after the game showed this guy looking very not sober.

The Program

Michaels watched a newer documentary on Netflix called The Program: Cons, Cults and Kidnapping, uncovering the darkness of disciplinary schools.

Years after being sent to a disciplinary school, a woman still haunted by her experiences exposes the corruption and abuse of the troubled teen industry.


Shaq's Toes Are Nasty

Shaq recently revealed he spends $1000 on pedicures because he feet are messed up. We didn't think he was serious - you make more money than most people out there, they can't be that bad.

They are. Click over to the last video when he shows how they look.

Zoo Bear Eats A Bunch of Ducklings

A bear at the Seattle zoo ruined a birthday party zoo trip for some kids after eating a whole family of ducklings that landed in the water of its enclosure.

This isn't her first time doing this - a video of the same bear came out about a year ago eating ducklings back then.

So cute byu/Bpr3 indonteatjimmy

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