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Dwyer & Michaels To Appear In Paula Sands Documentary

Dwyer & Michaels will be appearing in the documentary airing Thursday, February 1st on KWQC centered around Paula Sands and her career in the Quad Cities that dates back to 1982 where she started with PM Magazine.

3 Places To Take Your Friends From Out Of Town

Dwyer said "Every person after their late 20s should have a shortlist of places to take people when they come in from out of town. Three places to go that will leave a lasting impression on your friends or family."

So, we put together a huge list of places, taking your list from 3 to 15 to give you some extra options.

Check it out here:

Dwyer's Dumb Game - Bands Named After A Person

Dwyer's Dumb Game this week was bands named after a person.

This California rock band formed in 1986 was created after the inventor of the radio. Answer: Tesla

This three-piece backing band for Neil Young is named after the great Sioux Tribe leader. Answer: Crazy Horse

This band took its name from a Civil War-era prostitute who was known for taking the head off her clients. Answer: Molly Hatchet

This Liverpool band took their name from a Billboard announcing Frank Sinatra's transition\ to film. Answer: Frankie Goes To Hollywood

This band was named after their physical education teacher in high school: Lynyrd Skynyrd (named after coach Leonard Skinner)

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