We were talking about friends coming to visit from out of town coming to the Quad Cities and wanting to eat. You have to take them somewhere that shows you know your area, and some of the cool places within it.

So where do we pick?




Bill Michaels


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  • Hemispheres Bistro - A special place that my wife and I like to go to. Their entire menu is fantastic, but you should definitely try the Lamb Shank.
  • Cavort - I love Cavort because it's a quaint, locally owned, restaurant. Chef Rhea and her team have knocked it out of the park every time I've been there. I like to grab the half pound Boardwalk Burger
  • NEST Cafe - Another suggestion is the non-profit, NEST Cafe. It's a pay what you can afford dining option with made from scratch whole foods. Their daily rotating menu always offers omnivore, vegan, and gluten free options.


  • Barrel House Two words… Firecracker Shrimp Tacos
  • Tangled Wood - Lively hub in a sprawling site serving classic pub fare, plus an amphitheater, games & a rustic bar. (Megans favorite part, YOU CAN EAT OUTSIDE AND PLAY BAGS)
  • Zeke's Island Cafe - Fun spot to watch sports with local fans on gameday. Great island theme restaurant in terms of food, drink, ambiance and service. The Pina Colada and Carrebean Combo rice bowl are fantastic.


attachment-Hairball finger guns
  • Tiphanie's - Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even just drinks - it's like the place was made for your Instagram from decor to the food presentation.
  • Armored Gardens - 100 Beers on Tap, awesome burgers/chicken sandwiches, and the best patio to hang out on in the area.
  • Floyd's Burgers - Burger truck with super over the top and complicated burgers that you won't find anywhere else in the world. Hairball would live inside the truck if they let him.
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