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BIG Hit In The Rangers vs. Canes Game

It's round 2 of NHL Playoff hockey, and tensions are running high. Last night, Jacob Trouba of the NY Rangers tried to lay a huge hit on Martin Necas of the Canes, and missed completely, sending himself airborne and face-first into the boards. It's probably for the best though, it very easily could've led to some sort of penalty.

Pepsi, Where's My Jet?

While talking about all the different giveaways there have been over the years - from game consoles from Taco Bell to the Indians on the Tootsie Pops - and it brought up the story of the kid who was owed a Harrier jet by Pepsi.

Sammy Sosa Loves Armour Hot Dogs

At the height of his popularity, Armour Hot Dogs somehow got him to sing their jingle.

3 Wishes of A Genie Lamp

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