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Crossroads Fireworks Quad Cities Facebook
Crossroads Fireworks Quad Cities Facebook

Thursday, we'll be at Crossroads Fireworks to help you pick out your fireworks for your backyard display, and we have a super special secret 2-for-1 deal...

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Marilyn Monroe's House

Marilyn Monroe's only home she owned in Brentwood was purchased by the neighbor, and before the ink was even dry, the new owners had demolition requests in to the city.

Word got out, people got upset, and now the city has stepped in and deemed the house a cultural landmark.

The World's Longest Bicycle

Guinness needs to close its doors because we've hit the point where all the records have been broken, and at this point, people are just making crap up.

Here's the guy who just broke the record for "World's Longest Bicycle" 180 feet and 11 inches long, and the wheel is more like a steamroller wheel.

The Old Fordzilla is For Sale

Our old ride, Fordzilla is for sale - and looks nothing like when we owned it.


Check out the photos of the facelift our friend Kim gave this beast.

Studebaker Car Show

This weekend is the Studebaker Car Show in Dubuque. Saturday is a special event where they're asking for your help to repaint a Studebaker to be the new replica of the Muppet Mobile.


Justin Timberlake AI Video

This crazy good AI video of Timberlake came out using only the photo from his mugshot is blowing up across the internet, showing him drinking a beer during the photo.

HOA Lady Drops Trou

A homeowner's association board member in Indiana got busted for crapping on the side of a guy's house not once, but twice. She told the police she just really had to go.

Old Ladies Taking A Break

Some old ladies for a walk took a break on some chairs a guy had set up outside of his house. He went and served them tea.

Woman Poisoned Husband With Roundup In His Dew

A woman tried to poison her husband by spiking his Mountain Dew with Round-Up.

She was charged with first-degree domestic assault and armed criminal action.

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