There's nothing worse in this world than a Home Owner's Association. They don't like you, your yard, or anything to do with your home, and they'll do whatever it takes to get their message across to you.

According to police in New Palestine, Indiana, a homeowner was outside their home when they discovered a pile of human turd next to his air conditioning unit.


This wasn't the first time the homeowner discovered a pile of crap next to his house, and it wasn't the first time the culprit has been caught on camera.

Court documents say the homeowner caught an unknown woman on video surveillance entering his lawn on May 2nd, and that was the same day the homeowner found a "gift" left for him beside the house.

After the second poopening on May 29, the homeowner contacted police and handed over the surveillance footage that captured the serial pooper in the act. In the footage, a woman is very plainly seen dropping trou and squatting next to an old air conditioning unit.

Deputies were able to figure out who the woman is, a retiree who lives in the neighborhood - a 74-year-old - but the woman denied that it was her.

Once they showed the woman they had her on video defecating against the wall of the home, she fessed up to doing the dirty deed.

According to the deputies, the woman said she has no vendetta against the homeowner, but just really had to go big potty.

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The homeowner told Fox59 that he has been having issues with the HOA, but court documents say he doesn't know any members of the group personally and wasn't aware the woman was with the HOA.

Since the incident, the woman has stepped down from her position with the HOA.

She's been charged with criminal trespass, criminal mischief, and public nudity, all misdemeanor crimes.

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