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Lynette Woodard Says Her Record WASN'T Broken

Lynette Woodard, whose scoring record sat for 43 years before being broken by Caitlin Clark earlier this season, says her record wasn't broken because she played with a men's ball and no 3-point line.

Controversial Call On Friday Night

During the UConn vs. Iowa women's basketball game, the final few seconds of the game were all over the internet because of an offensive foul that took place against Iowa with just seconds left on the clock.

UConn's Aaliyah Edwards was called for an illegal screen with just 3.9 seconds left on the clock while UConn trailed by one point.

The overall argument across the web isn't whether or not it's a foul, but that fouls shouldn't be called in the last couple minutes of a game.

Eclipse Hype

A listener sent us this from Hershey - who sent out some safety tips on the eclipse to all the employees in the company.


Lisa Bluder's Emotional Locker Room Speech

Lisa Bluder gave the Hawkeyes a post-game locker room speech to remind them of the success they had and how much this group of women elevated a sport beyond comprehension.

Meet The Iowa Hawkeye Women's Basketball Team

Rhythm City Casino
Rhythm City Casino

A big chunk of the Hawkeye Women's roster will be at Rhythm City for a unique meet-and-greet event. Stop out and get a photo with your favorite players!

Storm Begin Playoffs Tomorrow Night

The Quad City Storm begin the first round of playoffs tomorrow night against the Roanoke Rail Yard Dawgs, and tickets are just $5.

Springsteen Signed A Kid's Get Out Of School Note

A little girl attending a Springsteen concert held up a sign saying "Skipping School. Sign My Note?"

He did exactly that.

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