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Our Favorite Mayor Is Now Under Investigation

The mayor of Dalton, Illinois, who has spent insane amounts of money on a personal security force, shut down annual car shows, refers to herself as a "Super Mayor" and more is under investigation now for her antics.

An investigator has been brought in to look into her, and that investigator is none other than former Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Hundreds of Couples Got Married During Eclipse

Joel Says This Will Be Dwyer's New Favorite Band

In the midst of some people sending in some song requests, Listener Joel emailed in and said "I would like to veto those song requests and slip in my own request which I believe could be Dwyer's new favorite band. The band is called the Black Moods and the song is called Sunshine."

Dive Bar Championship

Unfortunately, none of our locals were the winners of the Dive Bar Road Trip #1 Dive Bar matchups, but the one that did win is only about an hour and a half from here, so there's something you can go check out on a nice summer weekend.

It's called the Leadmine Tavern in Benton, Wisconsin.

Hotel Guest Claims Staff Used His Toothbrush To Clean

A guy staying at Mandalay Bay says the hotel cleaning crew used his toothbrush to clean the bathroom of his hotel room.

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