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Good Frontloader vs. Bad Frontloader

A disgruntled employee stole a frontloader and took it for a spin, and police couldn't figure out how to stop him because it weighed 75,000 pounds.

One cop thought quickly and went back to the business to grab someone who could drive a different frontloader, and escorted him to where the bad guy was. When he got there, the good guy used the bucket to flip the other one over.

Passing A School Bus

Megan took forever getting the pizza today because a school bus was sitting in the road with its lights flashing, but Megan didn't know whether she could go or not, because the back of the bus says "UNLAWFUL TO PASS WHEN LIGHTS ARE FLASHING."

There wasn't a stop sign out - but lights were flashing, and this created the discussion of what the rules are when it comes to driving around school buses.

Foghat Is Coming To Town This Weekend

The Rust Belt
The Rust Belt

Foghat is coming to the Rust Belt this weekend, and you've still got time to win tickets!

See all details and enter below.

Roadhouse Remake

Dwyer watched the Roadhouse remake for free on Amazon Prime, and said he's "not going to tell you not to watch it, but definitely don't pay to watch it."

Opening Day For The MLB

It's opening day! Here's the whole schedule for today's games.

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