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Ricky Warwick Coming To Rascals

Ricky Warwick, known for his time with The Almighty, co-founder of Black Star Riders, and singer for the last 15 years of Thin Lizzy is coming to the Quad Cities for a show at Rascals Live.

Ricky’s performance will include both Acoustic and Full Band electric sets.

The show is Saturday, March 16th at 7pm. Tickets go on sale February 10th.


Sheet Metal Showoff

A car show is coming up next weekend that will get you all kinds of fired up for the racing season at Davenport Speedway.

It's the Inaugural Sheet Metal Show-Off Hot Rod & Racecar Show, February 17th and 18th at the Mississippi Valley Fair Center and Iowa Building.


Dukes of Hazzard Ending Was Messed Up

Today in 1985, Dukes of Hazzard came to an end after a six-year run. Fester called in to inform us of the "official ending" of Dukes of Hazzard.... Bo and Luke died. They jumped into a lake, drowned, and Roscoe had to deliver the news.

Fester Was Wrong

Listener Jim called in to let us know that Fester was wrong about the ending - it's been shared as 'The Ending' but it's actually a clip from a different episode called The Ghost of The General Lee.

Bo and Luke are skinny-dipping in a local pond when two pool hustlers steal both the cousins' clothing 'and' the General Lee. Rosco soon pursues who he thinks are the Duke boys, but the crooks drive the stolen General Lee into the lake. When nobody is found with the car, Rosco tearfully announces that Bo and Luke have drowned. Bo and Luke arrive home safe and sound, then learn that Boss has used their alleged "deaths" to implicate them on the theft of his gold watch (so he can fraudulently collect the insurance money). The Duke boys and Cooter concoct a scheme to turn the General Lee into a "ghost," and haunt Boss and Rosco until they admit their scheme.

Attempted Closed Captioning For Vince Neil

It's Vince Neil's birthday, so of course, we have to shoutout the misheard lyrics version of Kickstart My Heart.

The Rodeo Is Coming To Town

You could get yourself and your family a pack of tickets to go to the PROFESSIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP BULL RIDERS & BARREL RACERS show in Moline next weekend.

Enter for your chance by clicking the button below!

Carnival Magic Cruise Ship Damaged

A Carnival cruise ship sustained damage during a storm, leaving cruisers stranded in Jamaica for 12 hours in the storm.

"We had a couple thousand people just out in a field in the pouring rain and no shelter, no food, no drinks. I think there was one toilet," said Adam Middleton told Fox.

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