If you're missing the rodeo in these winter days, you're going to catch a break next week when the Professional Championship Bull Riders & Barrel Racers takes over the Vibrant Arena at the Mark.

Founded back in 2005, Professional Championship Bull riders presents world class bull riding and top-notch entertainment for fans of extreme sporting events. Our popular competitions showcase the finest bull riders against the biggest and baddest bulls!

PCB features great events in major venues in Chicagoland and around the nation. Audiences can see top riders from all over the country in heated competition in a setting that feels like a rock and roll concert!

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Jim Parkin

PCB events are truly one-of-a-kind and a must-see for anyone who enjoys extreme sporting events and the excitement of live entertainment. Our vision is simply to provide the very best in high-octane, hell-on-hoof bull riding for the enjoyment of extreme sporting fans everywhere.

In fact, bull riding is not just a thrilling sport with deep roots in American history, it’s also a mentality and a way of life.

We have your chance at tickets for when the PCB hits the Vibrant Arena at The Mark on February 17th and 18th below.

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