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Vince Neil Ate It On Stage

Vince Neil took a tumble after tripping over a ramp on the band's set. He got up pretty quick considering he's a 63-year-old with a couple extra pounds.

Mike McCready Did Too

At Pearl Jam's first show of their new tour, and McCready apparently hadn't gotten the stage plot plans before the show, because he fell off the stage.


Jeff Daniels Can Play Guitar Surprisingly Well

Jeff Daniels was on The Kelly Clarkson Show - most likely to promote his show A Man in Full (Hairball won't shut up about it) - and for whatever reason whipped out a guitar and it turns out he's a fingerpicking fool.

He sang a song he wrote about his best friend - the guitar.

AI Generated Songs

If you listened to the show this morning, you heard a bunch of AI-generated theme songs for the morning show.

If you want to create your own AI-Generated songs click the button.

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Sooooo Is Richard Simmons Doing Okay?

Richard Simmons' YouTube channel uploaded a video yesterday that was suspiciously AI-sounding - and it's just a still image of a cartoon of him.

Hi everybody! It's Richard. Happy May 6th, 2024. Thank you so much for reading my messages. Roses are red, violets are blue, do you know how much I love you?

Have a beautiful day, bye for now.

The comments on the video itself are all excited to hear from him - but every other forum is settled on this being a pretty popular AI soundboard website.

A Serial Killer in Training?

Someone on Reddit sliced their sandwich in a way that shouldn't bother anyone, but the internet has determined that the way they cut it is "wrong." Some are even saying this is a serial killer in training.

It's gotten around the internet so much, that foodies are referring to it as "The Duff Cut."

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