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Family's Chicken Was Stolen Out Of Their Front Yard

A family says their pet chicken got out of its coop, and was subsequently stolen out of the front yard but someone who manhandled it as it fought to get away.

Caitlin Clark's Debut

Caitlin Clark debuted for the WNBA last night, and while it was an "off night" for her, she still managed 20 points. Her first points came from a steal she took down and into the net with a layup.

Singers Falling Down The Stairs

We played some sounds of "Celebrities Falling Down Stairs" today, and it's from a page named There I Ruined It on YouTube.

Megan Is Watching The Boss's Dogs

The boss that's in charge of our whole building is out of town, and Megan is house-sitting for him.

It reminded Hairball of the time his dog ate some bubblegum and he had to bring it to work to keep an eye on it on vet's orders.


 Megan's Renaming People's Pets

Megan is renaming people's pets who submit a photo on Facebook - but beware, they're not all sunshine and rainbows. She might rename your dog "Beef Chub" like she already did to one.

Beach Tourist Gored By A Bull

When you're at the beach, you should always watch out for sharks and rip currents and all that... but nobody ever talks about "Wild Bulls." Apparently, that's something we have to worry about now.

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