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A Funny, Non-Deadly Gender Reveal Fail

Most of the time when we talk about gender reveals on the show it's because somebody died or thousands of acres and hundreds of homes burned to the ground, but this one was pretty cute.

Dad is obviously some kind of gym guy, and they were using him doing a weight lift (I don't know gym stuff) to drop the weights onto packets that would poof out - only all of one packet blasted a spectator in the face.

Wisconsin Couple Got Freaky In A Jail Lobby

A couple with nearly a 40-year difference in age got busted for busting in a jail lobby in the middle of the night.

Waukesha County Sheriff
Waukesha County Sheriff

See the full story and the video that goes along with it.

Willson Contreras Injured

Contreras was creeping up a liiiittle too far on the plate and had his arm broken on a swing by J.D. Martinez.

Michaels' Daughter's Cat

Michaels' noticed his daughter's cat sleeps with its eyes open, and that freaks him out.

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