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We Tried Iron Tee Golf

Bettendorf has been watching anxiously as a new golf experience has been constructed off of Forest Grove, called Iron Tee Golf.

They'll be opening on Tuesday.

Blue Ice Is A Real Thing, According to Mythbusters

Mythbusters did a test to see if a leaky airplane toilet will lead to a deadly ice chunk and found it is a possibility.

You can also ask the couple in Utah who had a basketball-sized chunk of ice fall from the sky and kill one of their goats.

Goose Does JiuJitsu, Kicked Hairball's Ass

New Record Holder

A 106-year-old just set a new Guinness World Record for oldest skydiver.

Dana White Got A FedEx Driver Fired

Dana White was rolling through New York in the back of an SUV when he spotted a FedEx driver chucking packages into the back of his truck, and after posting the video, TMZ says the driver's been fired.

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