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Shohei Ohtani Determined To Be A Victim

The Investigation into Shohei Ohtani's gambling scandal has determined that he is a victim of fraud, and his interpreter will be charged.

According to TMZ Sports, the feds have been investigating his longtime translator, close friend and sort of manager, Ippei Mizuhara for the millions he had gambled away - around $4.5M, reportedly.

Ohtani held a press conference to say he didn't know anything about the gambling, and that he was a victim here.

Students Watch Eclipse With Former Teacher

In 1978, a science teacher named Patrick Moriarty told his class that they'd watch the 2024 eclipse together, and he'd remind them by taking out an ad in the paper.

Sure enough, 100 students and their families showed up to watch the eclipse with the 68-year-old retired educator at his New York home.

See Michaels Saw Mill At The Train Show This Weekend

This weekend, Michaels' Saw Mill display will be at the Model Railroad and Memorabilia show at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds this Saturday.

Bill Michaels
Bill Michaels

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Learn Spanish With Dwyer & Michaels

Ross B messaged us from the Dominican where he's on vacation listening through the 97X App, and because of his location, his commercials are in Spanish.

So, Dwyer wanted us to all learn a phrase.

The phrase?


It means "My scrotum is itchy and I think it might be infected."

McDonald's Has A New Billboard

McDonald's has a new billboard concept - the first scented billboard in the world. It supposedly smells like a Happy Meal.

The Kids Had Fun With Dwyer's Dumb Game Leftovers

Dwyer knows how to get the kids excited, by bringing in air horns for them to use as buzzers for Dwyer's Dumb Game. He also brought party horns, whistles, and confetti poppers.

They couldn't wait until the applicable game to play with the confetti poppers.

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