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Walmart Class Action Settlement

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If you bought produce at Walmart from October 2018 to January of this year, then you may be entitled to compensation. Actually, you are entitled to compensation.

In a settlement on a class action suit that accuses the grocery chain of charging customers too much for weighted goods like poultry, pork, seafood, and bagged citrus items.

The only thing that sucks is it's not much.

If you bought 50 or fewer qualifying items, you can get $10. If you bought 51 to 75, you can get $15, 76 to 100 gets you $20, and 101 or more entitles you to $25.

If you have your receipts from your purchases, you get 2% of the cost back - up to $500. To put that into perspective, $5,000 worth of produce purchases would net you about $100.

Iowa Women Play In The Final Four Tonight

Tonight is the faceoff between University of Iowa and UConn in the Final Four. In a postgame press conference after a win over USC on Monday night, UConn's Coach Geno Auriemma had some respect to give to Caitlin and the challenge they face in Iowa for this game.

"I hope Caitlin Clark had a personal agenda against LSU," Auriemma joked after UConn's win over USC on Monday night. "And I know there's nothing personal between me and her, so I don't need to be seeing her drop 50 [points] on us next weekend, so I love her.

"Forget I ever said Paige [Bueckers] is the best player in the country; I think she's [Clark] the best player of all time."

Ohtani Home Run Ball

Shohei Ohtani his his first home run as a Dodger, and the fan who caught it says staff at the field separated her from her husband so they could pressure her to give the ball back to them.

Gene Simmons Talks About KISS Rights Sale

KISS sold their catalog, name, logo and makeup rights to the company that created ABBA's live avatar show for $300M - but Gene Simmons told TMZ Live that it's more than that.

"KISS the touring band is over," bassist Gene Simmons said of the deal. "What Pophouse will do with our images, our music and our personas is unlike anything anyone has ever seen."

Nirvana Unplugged Show

It's the 30th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death, and there's a show from Doug Brundies and an all-star cast of QC musicians going on at Skylark tonight to celebrate the life of Kurt.


Kenny Wayne Shepherd Cover

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's new album, Dirt On My Diamonds Volume 1, has an awesome cover of Elton John's Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting that you should 100% listen to, save to your library, and share with your friends.

KWS will be at the Capitol Theatre in Davenport next week.

Please Don't Stare At The Eclipse

A woman is telling her story after being blinded by an eclipse in 1977.

Caitlin Clark's Dream Board

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1. Be In The WNBA
2. To Live In A Huge Mansion
3. To Have Three or Four Kids
4. To Get Married
5. To Own Restaurant
6. To Win The Lottery
7. To Be In A Basketball Movie
8. To Be Strong
9. To Go On A Basketball Scholarship
10. To Travel Across The Whole World
11. To Meet Maya Moore
12. To Have Two Bernese Mountain Dogs

Jar Of Flies Deep Cut

Dwyer played a song from Jar of Flies that we haven't heard in quite some time.

Mother-Daughter Duo Arrested For Illegal Butt Injection Operation

A mother-daughter duo running a nationwide illegal butt injection after a sting operation in which an undercover officer solicited their services for $6,000.

They look... like they've injected themselves a couple times.

Houston Police Department
Houston Police Department
Houston Police Department
Houston Police Department

Check out the full story over at NY Post.

Doc McGhee Talks New KISS Plans On Podcast

Doc McGhee, who has managed KISS since 1995, went on a podcast to discuss the new deal for KISS with their new Avatars.

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