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The Hawkeyes Beat LSU

The Hawkeyes beat out LSU in a tight game that exchanged leads a few times - and ended the first half with the game knotted at 45-45.

However, the Hawks turned it up in the second half and took the lead, pulling out a win against LSU, and ending the Caitlin vs. Angel rivalry story.

Caitlin's performance and deep threes brought some funny calls throughout the game, like this one for her first 3 coming back into the second half.

3 Point Line Was Mis-Marked

The 3-point line in Portland was set up for the March Madness tournament, and it took four Sweet Sixteen games before anybody realized that one side was 9" shorter than the other.

Here's how they get the court ready.

The fix was to retape the line, and it didn't look as good as the old tape job.

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