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Styx Shares Their Thoughts on Dennis DeYoung

People Were Asking About Megan's Custom Clipboard

Megan's working as the MC at the Missouri Valley Conference Women's Basketball Tournament at the Vibrant Arena all weekend and needed a clipboard to use. Well, Hairball found one with labels from around 20 years ago, so he gave them an update to ✨personalize✨ it.

Dwyer's Friends Are Doing The Van Life To The Max

Dwyer's friends are running around doing the van life to the max of what they can, and one of their hacks is to work through TrustedHousesitters. They stay, do their laundry, use their showers, and just relax off of the road for a little bit.


KISS Destroyer Released Today in 1976

In 1976, KISS released their album Destroyer, which was one of their biggest selling albums they had.


Turns out, this wasn't the first cover they had. A separate cover was created with the band in front of a burning city in ruin, but the label thought it was "Too violent."

However, when they remastered the album for release, the new release featured the original art.

Eric said Destroyer was his first 8-track he ever bought, and set us a photo to show he still has it!

Eric Frazier
Eric Frazier

Crazy FedEx Truck Accident

Near Rochester, NY, a FedEx truck that had just been emptied was involved in an accident, and the only thing that kept the entire trailer from falling over an overpass was the front tire.

5 people were hospitalized, but expected to recover.

Louisville Truck Rescue

A truck went over a bridge near Louisville while we were on vacation, and this one was much more precariously perched. Luckily the rescue crews were able to repel down and save the driver.

Tourons of Yellowstone

A photo was shared to Tourons of Yellowstone in November of a guy trespassing and walking on part of Mammoth Terrace in Yellowstone, and it turns out the guy has pled guilty to citations for leaving a designated path and touching thermal areas.

That "guy" is actually PIERCE BROSNAN.

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