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Eric Clapton's Crossroads Box Set Cover

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Box Set has what we always thought was just a photo of Clapton. It turns out, this isn't a photo at all, it's a piece of art done by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.


Check out Ronnie's art page here:

U2's Sphere Residency Is Over, And The Numbers Are Out

U2's Achtung Baby 40 show residency at the new Sphere in Las Vegas, the first of its kind in a venue that is the first of its kind.

The numbers have come out now for all aspects of the show.

For the entire residency, the band sold 661,456 tickets, and had a paycheck of $170,000,000.

See the rest of the figures here:

Rickey Medlocke and Train, Train

Goose did an interview that you'll be able to hear on his show later this week with Rickey Medlocke, who frontmanned for Blackfoot, and currently plays for Lynyrd Skynyrd (coming to the Vibrant Arena on April 13th).

He revealed to Goose that the song Train, Train - one of the bands biggest hits - was written decades before its release by his grandfather - who also played harmonica on the track.

Michaels Ruins Everything: Bob Marley

Michaels learned a fun fact about a Bob Marley song while he was in Jamaica.

Michaels thinks Bob Marley stole some of his song. In fact, he doesn't just think... he has the proof. Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley & The Wailers - released in 1983, has a section that sounds exactly like the Banana Splits theme song.

The "Woe yoy yoy, woe yoy yoy yoy Woe yoy yoy yo, yoy yoy yoy yo" sounds exactly like the Banana Splits.

Now, the Bob Marley Institute says he never would've heard the Banana Splits and therefore different rip off the show theme.

Racer Breaks Her Own World Record

A racer broke the 400m Women's World Record, then broke the record again a few days later. She's gone viral because of her interview after the race - because of her voice - which sounds like Dwyer doing a woman voice... or Mickey Mouse.

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