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We Are Back From Vacation

After a long week and a couple days off to rejuvenate, we are back live on the air, here in the studio, bringing the funny right to your radio.

Dwyer went to Florida and visited Cape Canaveral, Sea World, and some stops in between. Michaels went to Jamaica with his wife to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. Megan went to a different part of Florida. Goose had a nice staycation with his family. Hairball was sick the whole week, but smoked some ribs.

Caitlin Clark Broke The All-Time NCAA Scoring Record

Caitlin Clark broke Pete Maravich's record this weekend at home at Carver-Hawkeye in front of a sold-out crowd, Travis Scott, Nolan Ryan, Jake from State Farm, Maya Moore and Lynette Woodard.

She ended up breaking the record shooting two free throws.

Caleb Williams Is Taking An Interesting Stance

Caleb Williams, who is one of the top draft picks in the NFL, has stated that he will not be throwing in the combine because there is plenty of footage of him throwing.

He also said he won't be doing medical interviews with every team.

ESPN Used An Iowa State Logo During The Gameday Broadcast

College Gameday 

Of course, the internet was mad.

Michaels Hangs A Hawkeye Flag on Vacation

When Michaels goes on a trip out of town, he takes a Hawkeye flag out with him to represent.

Davenport Central Choir Sings With Foreigner

spectrex1972 via YouTube
spectrex1972 via YouTube

Students from Davenport Central's Choir sang with Foreigner over the weekend after being nominated in a call from 97X. Check out their performance by clicking the button below!

The Sopranos Booth Sold In Auction

The booth from the infamous and iconic last scene of The Sopranos sold this weekend - 25 years after the show began.

The booth was in the final scene of the show that ended abruptly went to black.

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