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Madonna Fell On Stage

Sunday night in Seattle, Madonna was performing in a chair, and when her dancer went to slide the chair across the stage, he appears to have some sort of issue with the heels he has on, and falls, taking the 65-year-old singer down with him.

She recovered like a pro - the fall didn't even make her singing sound any different - that's why she's the best.

What Thing Are You Really Weird About Being Perfect?

We're talking about which light switches in the house have to be a certain way, which way the toilet paper goes, how we set the clocks so they're absolutely in sync and other weird stuff.

Check out this thread for more people you are the exact same as.

The Social Dilemma

We discussed the constant need to be available. To your job, to your family, to anyone who has your phone number, email, Facebook - you name it.

It brought us back to the eye-opening Netflix documentary that shows all of the social engineering that's gone into smart phones and social media called The Social Dilemma.

College Baseball Player Hit By Pitch 7 Times in 8 At Bats

Matt Masciangelo of Sacramento State's baseball team broke some records in a game over the weekend where he was hit by a pitch in seven of his eight at-bats in a doubleheader. He was hit three times the first game and four times the second.

The next game on Sunday, he got hit once more. 8 of his 9 at-bats this season come up HBP.

Cougar That Attacked Young Couple Killed By Cop

Apparently, being a cyclist makes you invincible to cougar attacks - or at least that's what these guys thought. A couple out riding got attacked by a cougar, and fended it off with their bikes until a cop came by and shot it.

"I've never heard of a cougar attacking a cyclist."

You have now, buddy. You have now.

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