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The NFL Fixed Alicia Keys' Cracked Vocal

In the textbook definition of "Fix It In Post," the NFL's share of the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show appears to have a fixed vocal for Alicia Keys' voice crack in her portion of the show.

Check out the original vs. the edit.

Megan is Dancing To Beat Cancer

Megan's host mom, Teri, was diagnosed with cancer, so she's participating in Shine On to raise money to help cover expenses.

Dwyer Is Going To See A New Movie

Dwyer said he's going to the opening of a new movie that's a biopic about Bob Marley.

It's called Bob Marley: One Love.

Jeopardy's Making Grandpa All Upset

Dwyer's splitting hairs again, but this time it's about the phrasing of Jeopardy! question about The Kinks.

Stretch Wonders via YouTube
Stretch Wonders via YouTube

His issue isn't the question itself, it's the use of the word "Claims" when it is known to be music history fact. See the clip here.

Skid Row Unreleased Music?

Sebastian Bach said he has boxes of unreleased music from Skid Row.

“I have unreleased 24-track reel to reel tapes from Electric Ladyland (studios) of songs that we recorded and never put out,” Bach explained. “And the only copy of them is in my archives.”

Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images
Mark Metcalfe, Getty Images

“We recorded every show on the Slave to the Grind tour from the soundboard on DAT (digital audio tape),” Bach revealed. “Nobody had a DAT player except me and nobody wanted these tapes except me. And I have the whole tour on DAT. I have a box of all those DAT tapes that are just sitting there.”

Patrick Mahomes Went To Disneyland

After winning the Super Bowl, Mahomes took his family to Disneyland and was a part of the Disney calvacade.

Check out the recap of his day from Disney.

New Music From Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam released a new song at midnight, the title track off of their upcoming album Dark Matter.

Erik Maitland Scotland & Northern Ireland Trip

Erik Maitland from KWQC is hosting a trip to Ireland and Scotland.

Find more info and book your spot by clicking the button below.

Caitlin Clark's Record Game Ticket Prices Soar

Thursday night at home, Caitlin Clark will more than likely break the career points record for the NCAA, as she's just 7 points shy of the record as it sits currently. Ticket prices are up into the thousands.

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