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Streaker Ran Onto The Field At The Super Bowl

Here are some other angles.

The NFL Has Fight Breaker-Uppers Now?

Gary called in to ask about the guys who appeared to be there to break up fights between players, dressed all in referee uniforms except instead of the shirt, they were wearing jackets.

We couldn't find any screen grabs of the guys in last night's game, but they were used in the AFC Championship last month.

The Nickelodeon Broadcast Was Worth The Watch

Nickelodeon broadcasted a simulcast of the Super Bowl, hosted by Spongebob characters. Throughout, extra graphics and effects were used to liven up the broadcast.

Plus, if you watched Spongebob at any point, some of the most iconic lines were used.

They also had their own celebrity crowd shots.

Check out the call of the final winning touch down.

OJ Simpson Has Cancer, But Isn't In Hospice

There are a lot of rumors circulating after OJ is undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. He took to X to let people know that's just a rumor.

Hairball Faced His Friend In Bubble Sumo Wrestling On Ice

This weekend, Megan recruited Hairball and his friend Parker to face each other in Bubble Sumo on the ice at the Quad City Storm Game. He was the yellow ball and won, but his body didn't the next day.


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