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Patrick Mahomes Gave Kudos To Caitlin Clark

During press week for the Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes was asked about Caitlin Clark, and he had some strong opinions on how good of a player she is, saying she's the greatest college player out there - and that he hopes he never has to face her one on one.

Must Watch Shows

We're dusting off our Must Watch Shows list we started 2 years ago because listener Jen asked what she's watching tonight after watching two of our recommendations in a row.

There Were Some Bolts Missing From Door Plug That Blew Away

A report now has come out about that Boeing plane that had the door plug blow off the plane a few weeks ago, saying that the door plug was missing a few bolts.

Boeing Documentary To Watch

Michaels referenced a Boeing documentary to watch on Netflix called Downfall: The Case Against Boeing.

"An investigation into the two Boeing 737 MAX crashes that killed 346 people, exploring both the root causes and the human cost."

Can Your Best Day At Work Also Be Your Worst?

A suspect known as Sterling Avalanche went into a bank in Fort Myers Beach to rob it, threatening that he had a bomb.

After police showed up, Avalanche took the people within the bank as hostages. While police tried to coax him to come out, Avalanche became more unhinged until he grabbed a hostage and put a knife to their throat.

A SWAT sniper took his shot and dropped Avalanche before he could harm the victim.

48 Cylinder Motorcycle

This guy just broke a Guinness World Record for the Vehicle With The Most Cylinders.

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