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 The Shirt Scam Dwyer Fell For Invoked A PSA

The Comancheros are a band Dwyer enjoys a whole lot, and wanted to support them with the purchase of some merch. Only, rather than buy from their website, Dwyer bought from a sketchy Facebook comment.


The shirt he got in the mail not only doesn't match the style of the band, but it also says "Heppy New Year" instead of "Happy."

The Comancheros took Dwyer's poor choice of purchase and made a PSA to their fans to let them know there is an official place to buy their merch.

 Megan's Light Switch and Bulbs

After a whole discussion about Megan's lightbulbs being in cages, and her light switch in her bedroom that does nothing - when it should theoretically control the outlets so a lamp could be used as the room's light - we sent the kids over to try it out.

Check out the cages they put over the lights in her apartment too.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Quad City Hockey This Weekend

This weekend's Quad City Storm matchups against the Macon Mayhem include two theme nights. One is Youth Sports, and the other is Scooby-Doo Night, with special jerseys - and fans can bring their dogs along with them.

Hairball mentioned Kaiser, who hangs out in his section, and is the most badass Storm fan there is. I mean, look at this guy.


Read more about the Storm hockey matchup this weekend here:

Cat Goes Crazy At Cat Show

A cat being judged for one of those cat shows in Mesa, Arizona, decided to remove itself from contention and attack a Cat Financier's Association judge.

Connie's Benefit

Connie is a friend of the show and a member of the Ranch Riders who have helped us out a few times over the years. She's battling leukimia, and there's a benefit for her on January 27th.

attachment-Connie Benefit

Megan is Dancing To Beat Cancer

Megan's host mom, Teri, was diagnosed with cancer, so she's participating in Shine On to raise money to help cover expenses.

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