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Kids Are Wearing Makeup Now

Dwyer was watching Family Feud, and one of the questions was "What age do kids start to wear makeup?" and the contestant said 11, but that answer was already used, so he said 9. Dwyer brought it up as a laugh, then we started getting emails about kids starting to wear makeup to school at 8-9 years old.

This turned to just a general talk about makeup and prices, and Goose seeing this hilarious video of the outside of an Ulta Beauty, showing all the husbands or boyfriends patiently waiting in the car for their ladies.

Today in Rock History: La La Land DOESN'T Win

Today in Rock History...

In 2017, "La La Land" tied a record for the most Oscar nominations with 14. The next month it won six of those Oscars . . . and suffered that embarrassing moment where it was WRONGLY announced as the Best Picture winner.

Makeup, Vanilla, and Beavers


While makeup prices and craziness were being discussed, we learned that snail goo is now used in makeup, cows blood, and something from beaver glands called castoreum.

The glands are from the anus region on a beaver, and the stuff that it secretes has a lot of uses, like perfume, makeup, and vanilla flavoring.

Read more about it here.

Terry Kath Documentary

This Terry Kath documentary started by Terry's daughter Michelle Sinclair was created in 2017. It's called Chicago: The Terry Kath Experience.

It's free to watch on YouTube with some ads, but you can also get it on Peacock.

The Series Michaels is Watching With His Wife

There's a new series of movies out inspired by crime novelist Harlan Coben's novels, and they're taking the Netflix crowd by storm.

Check out The Harlan Coben Collection on Netflix. There are also quite a few on Amazon Prime as well.


Guy Taping Fish To ATMs

There's a guy who's in trouble for taping dead fish to ATM machines that were broken around his town to force the bank to come fix them.

Read the full story here. 

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