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Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses

The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed this morning after one of the supports for the bridge was struck by a cargo ship. It's a developing situation, but they've declared it a mass casualty incident.

Reports indicate that the ship's crew has been accounted for - however there was active construction crews on the bridge at the time of the collapse as well as commuters.

"We received several 911 calls at around 1:30 a.m., that a vessel struck the Key Bridge in Baltimore, causing the collapse," Kevin Cartwright, director of communications for the Baltimore Fire Department, told Reuters. "This is currently a mass casualty incident and we are searching for seven people who are in the river."

Iowa Hawkeye Women Move On In March Madness

The Iowa Hawkeye Women's Basketball team played their final home game in Carver-Hawkeye Arena in the NCAA tournament - and for the seniors, their final ever. They were able to pull a win out for the home crowd 64-54 over the West Virginia Mountaineers.

Dwyer did some research and discovered an interesting tidbit of information about March Madness.

Ohtani Says He "never bet on baseball or any other sports"

Shohei Ohtani held a press conference yesterday to give some statements on the story that his interpreter had been stealing his money to bet on the MLB and other sports.

Ohtani is doing his best to try and distance himself from the story, but many assume that the interpreter was acting on his behalf.

Hairball's GIF Remains a Virality

Hairball's GIF of him running at the Quad City Storm game is now at 3.8M views.


Kid Knows Way Too Much About Tractors

A kid named Jackson, who's 8 years old, is being called "Grandpa reincarnated" by the internet after a couple viral clips of him at a farm equipment show quizzing the sales people about their equipment.

He was also quizzing the Case IH salesman.

The Absurd History Of Parachuting Animals

Today we learned that since about 1943, we've been parachuting animals from planes for different reasons. Whether it's for wildlife management or for scientific research.

It was in 1948 that scientists removed 8 crates of beavers from a beaver infested area and flew over the Chamberlain Basin to relocate them. Only one perished, but the rest created a new colony in their new environment.

They also used a bear to test the effects of supersonic speed on the body by launching one out of a Hustler's fuselage at an altitude of 35,000 feet while traveling at MACH TWO speed. After an almost eight-minute descent, the pod touched land. The bear was fine.

Read more over at Atlas Obscura

Professor O'Shaughnessy Talks Parachuting Animals

It turns out that the world's foremost mind on this topic is none other than University of Iowa professor Patrick O’Shaughnessy, who talked with us about the history of parachuting animals.

Dogs are used in the military to assist soldiers - even when they parachute in.

Project Pigeon

Project Pigeon was a plan to use trained pigeons to guide glide bombs - and it worked. The only thing was, it didn't get used in the field because of the impracticality of training pigeons to control the direction of the bombs.

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