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Spring-Breaking Parents Pass Out, Lose Their Kids

A Georgia couple has been arrested in Florida after police found them passed out drunk on the beach as their two children ran wild and unsupervised.

Alyssia Langley, 27, and her fiancé, Timothy Stephens, 27, were arrested and charged with child neglect. Stephens is also facing charges for trying to escape the arrest and for having alcoholic beverages on the beach.

The couple had to be stirred eight times until they finally woke up. The kids, aged 5 and 7, were found safe - but unsupervised - at the pool nearby.

After knocking himself out trying to run away, Tim (the husband) had a not-so great mugshot.

Volusia County Sheriff
Volusia County Sheriff

Frost Bitten Insurance Fraud

Two different attempts for insurance fraud included the intentional removal of one's limbs to try and get some money.

In Taiwan, the Criminal Investigation Bureau has accused a university student of conspiring with an old high school friend to get some money from an insurance company. Evidence shows he took out insurance covering disabilities, injuries, health, and travel safety from five insurers.

On January 26th, the two rode their motorcycles through Taipei to make it seem like one of the two suffered frostbite - but investigation found the frostbite was self inflicted by a bucket of dry ice.


See, the two hoped to get about $1.29M from the insurance policies they took out, so they had to make the decision of who was losing their legs. Chang volunteered his legs for the dry ice frostbite for a bigger piece of the take.

After having to have his legs amputated, his claims came back in as "Under investigation" for all but one who paid out $7240.

Of course, he got busted and is now legless, moneyless, and facing some jail time.

Another Weird Insurance Fraud

A few months ago, a guy tried to stage a farm accident to get the Insurance claim, but the sheriff says it's the strangest case of his career.

The farmer told first responders that his feet were taken off by a brush hog, and that was how he lost them. However, first responders couldn't find any parts of his feet.

"It was a poorly executed plan," Thompson said. "I've never seen anything quite like it."

Male hands crossed over healthy resting feet.

Howell County Sheriff Thompson said that a man from Florida made the trip to the small Ozarks town to cut off the man's legs with a hatchet, executing an alleged plan to commit insurance fraud.

"If it was done by a brush hog, it would have been a bloody, gory mess," Thompson said. "I've seen those types of accidents before. This wasn't like that."

So whatever happened to the feet?

"A couple days after, we got a call that a relative found them in a bucket obscured by tires, so we went and got them," Thompson said.

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Hurricane Aiyana Shots

"Hurricane Aiyana" has gone viral for her Hurricane shot slaps, and she's making bank with it now that it's spring break. The cost is $30 a shot, and then a bikini-clad Aiyana throws a pitcher of water in your face and slaps the crap out of you.

Aiyana makes roughly $6k a night, selling 150-200 of these hurricane shots each night of spring break. She does it as her own entertainment company, buying the alcohol from the bar and working as a freelancer.

She also accepts bookings for private parties.

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