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Drake Won The Missouri Valley Conference Tournament

Megan was the M.C. over at the Missouri Valley Conference Women's Basketball Tournament over the weekend, and it all came to a close when top-seeded Drake beat No. 3 seed Missouri State 76-75.

Dwyer Won The MVC Bingo

They did a cute little thing at the MVC Basketball Tournament, where they handed out Bingo cards to play along, and they'd call numbers every media timeout throughout the game.

Hairball hates bingo because he's never once won a game, and the patterned continued over two days this weekend.

Dwyer won, but when he went to redeem his prize from the table of all the school shirts and sweatshirts and scarves, his alma mater only was represented by a couple of coozies.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Michaels' Worst Concert Merch Purchase

We were talking about purchases of concert merchandise that looking back weren't the best purchase we could've had.

Check out this one from Michaels' high school days - a belt buckle from The Cars.


Eddie Vedder Took His Daughter To A Taylor Swift Concert

Eddie Vedder took his daughter to a Taylor Swift concert, and had something pretty insightful to say about the show and the Swifties who were there.

“The run-up to it, making friendship bracelets with her and the generosity of these young girls and boys, trading these bracelets with different messages on them – lyrics, song titles, just acts of goodwill on these little bracelets,” Vedder explained during an interview with Mojo. “They had found their tribe; they were all agreeing on something."

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Cedar Rapids On Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune featured Cedar Rapids this weekend, but it's gone Iowa viral for the guess being "Cedar Rapids, Ohio" instead of Cedar Rapids, Iowa (Duh).

It was a Toss Up puzzle, and it starts at about 1:57 of this video:

Costco Rotisserie Chicken Is Getting New Packaging?

A leak in a subreddit dedicated to Costco (r/Costco) has shown there's new packaging coming for Costco's delicious and iconic rotisserie chicken. Rather than be in the plastic tupperware-type container, it's going to come in a grapes bag.

Rotisserie Chicken Packaging Change
byu/ExternalRip312 inCostco

Container Ship Takes Out Cranes While Docking

The YM Witness was trying to dock in Kocaeli, Turkey but came in a little too steep and took out those giant shipping container cranes that were along the dock.

Check out the carnage after the fact.

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