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Happy Pizza Day


As you know, Thursday means that it is pizza day for us here at the Rock 'N Roll Mansion (because the kids did some big brain Pavlovian Conditioning on Michaels). If you've got employees, or want to make your people in your office happy, stop and get them a pizza today.

George Washington Had Three Brothers

Yeah, you've never heard of any of those guys.

Imagine sitting at the table for family dinner with them - three guys who achieved some pretty good stuff in their life, and then mom's favorite who FOUNDED A COUNTRY.

Documentary About The Challenger Disaster

Dwyer watched a documentary yesterday that's a couple years old, but he came across it while trying to find something his wife wouldn't be mad he watched without her.

He found Challenger: The Final Flight on Netflix, about the Challenger space shuttle disaster.

Running Man Performing Live In Studio

Running Man is in studio with us this morning to play two of their original songs, Restless Kind and Numbskulls

They'll be playing a few shows around the area:

  • Friday, February 23rd: With Flatfoot 56 at Racoon Motel in Davenport
  • March 23rd: The Lift in Dubuque
  • March 29th: Bootleg Hill in Davenport

Keep an eye out for new music from Running Man releasing this summer.

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