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Presidents' Day

It's Presidents' Day, and we decided to revisit some old recordings, like this one of JFK mad about a story in the Post focusing on a new project in a hospital room that was juuuuust in case Jackie Kennedy went into labor.

Also, this one of President Johnson ordering pants, nicely animated for your viewing pleasure.

The best part, is when he's talking about the "Crotch down where your nuts hang" and asks to leave a little bit of room from the zipper "Back round to my bunghole."

We found out there was a follow up call when the pants hadn't come yet, so he called back over to Haggar Company to find out about the order. Then he asks "You haven't made shirts to match them yet have you?"

The Prom Hosted At The White House

Apparently, Gerald Ford hosted his daughter Susan's prom at the White House. The deal was, they could have their prom at the White House, but there could be no costs for the Federal government.

Dolton, IL Has Had Some Squad Cars Reposessed

A few months ago we talked about Mayor Tiffany Henyard of Dolton, Illinois, who was in the news for her... unusual acts as mayor.

The mayor of a town of 20,000 has a security detail she's spent over $1M to hold onto - made up of officers with the town's police department. One of the employees clocked 303 hours in a 14 day period - which means he was only off the clock for a total of 33 hours.

Here's the news story from a couple months ago.

The new update is, the Dalton Police and Fire departments no longer have phone service due to lack of payment, and an official letter from a bank has been leaked to the press, showing that 13 city vehicles are being repossessed - six of which are police cars.

One other update is that multiple citizens have gone to WGN to talk about being targeted by the mayor - and some even having the police used to put pressure on them to support her.

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