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Brave Chiefs Fans Take Down Suspected Shooter

In the shooting that happened at the Kansas City Chiefs parade, a group of fans did the unthinkable and took down one of the suspected shooters - holding them until police arrived to arrest them.

Here's a close-up video of when police arrived. You can hear one of the tacklers telling the officers, "When we tackled him, the gun came out.",

TMZ shared

Travis Kelce Was Super Hammered During The Parade

On a lighter side of things, during the on-stage presentation, Travis Kelce got ahold of a mic - which is never a good thing - and started singing his own version of Friends in Low Places.

Any beer drinking happening there? Probably not, right?

Kelce's Recap The Super Bowl Party, Travis Bumping Andy Reid

The Kelce's are legendary partiers. Check out this video from the night of the Super Bowl, where you see Jason Kelce - wearing a luchador mask he found on the ground at a previous party - dancing with Marshmello.

Here's him talking about it.

While we're at it, the Kelces also used their podcast to discuss Travis' actions towards Coach Andy Reid at the game. Jason was pretty good in letting him know - what he did was not okay.

Dwyer Loved Bob Marley's Biopic Movie

Yesterday was the opening day of the biopic about Bob Marley, and Dwyer went to see it - and it was great. He recommends seeing it in theater because of the soundtrack being the awesome music of Bob Marley.

Hang With Dwyer & Michaels at the QCBR Home Show This Weekend

All weekend at the Bend XPO, is the one-stop shop for you to get everything you need for your next remodel project, at the Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers show.

Dwyer & Michaels will be broadcasting live from 10am-Noon, so stop by and say hi!

We Talked With Chuck, Our Co-Worker Who Was At The KC Parade.

Chuck, who works with us, and hosts Loudwire Nights, was present at the Kansas City Chiefs parade when the shooting that killed one and injured twenty took place and called in with us this morning.

A great moment, Dwyer asked "A year from now, will your perspective be of the celebration, or of the shooting?"

Chuck replied, "A friend of mine told me yesterday - we have to let the joy win."

Hear his call here.

Teens Get First Ever Scholarship To Play Cornhole

Two kids from Colorado just got the first scholarships issued to go to school and play Division I Cornhole for Winthrop University.

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